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High School -
      When you are running in high school, generally speaking, you are not running at peak performance. Your body is not fully developed muscularly therefore you will not be able to run at your full potential. Just telling it like it is, but this does not mean that you can not improve the speed you already have.

College -
      When you begin running in College the compitition changes greatly because you are running against more muscularly developed athletes. In college you will be able to increase your speed greatly compared to High School. You must remember the prime for sprinter is usually in there late 20's to early 30's and for the ladies it is sooner. Therefore even in your senior year you have not reached your prime or you are just approching it.

      Strength training is a must for sprinters; it helps prevent injuries and it helps you with your time as well. You must train for streigth as well as explosive power. Explosive power is the key to be a fast sprinter.

Strength -
      Increasing muscular strength allows the body to carry its weight more efficency. It does not matter how much you weigh because if your body can carry the weight it will allow you to run just as fast or faster then some one that physically lighter than you. Weight will be discussed further in the Body Fat Persent section. The stronger you are the more force you can apply to the track surface which in turn will make you cover more distance while running. Now the distance may only be a few inches or centermeters, with each stride, but when it is over a distance it adds up quickly. These are the main effects that strength can contribute to running faster.

Explosive Power -
      Explosive power is the key to increasing speed. Explosive power increases speed by decreasing the amount of time your feet need to stay in contact with the ground. Leting you take more steps in a shorter amount of time. When you decrease the time your feet stay on the ground you will lose some of your power. If you train with explosive movements and explosive plyo's you can teach your body to place the same amount of power in that shorter amount of time. One side effect that happens is that you will get stronger in the process; not all side effects are bad.

      Your running style is important in how well you will run. Effecency is very important when it comes down to hunderth of a second which could be the difference between first and second. Learning proper biomichanics for running will inprove your time by allowing you get more out of each stride.

Energy -
      When running the energy is transfered in to the track, which makes it possible for you to run. When running, not all of the energy from your body actually reaches the track. Energy is lost when missed strides occur, when your feet land, when your upper muscles are tense, etc. So if you reduce the amount of energy lost on the things you can control you will increase your speed.

Increasing Output -
      Beleave it or not your arms and shoulders effect how fast you run. When running you must concintrate on keeping them relaxed, even when you get tired, fighting to run faster will only slow you down. You should be able to feel your cheeks bounce while you are running and this is usually a good sigh that you are relaxed.

      Missed strides (AKA: studder stepping or chopping your feet.) contribute to the most amount of energy lose. When running you must stay fluent while running because every time you shorten or lengthen a stride you lose your momentum. I do not care what anyone says or tells you there is no way for you to regain your original momentum during the race. So for all of the 300 and 400 hurdlers out there it is very important to learn how to altternate legs.

      While running, where you feet land in origin to your body is very inportant to increasing efficency. Propper biomachinics show that the ball of your foot should land directly under your pelvis. Any deviation from this forces the body to use more of its muscles to stablize it instead of allowing for the skeletal system to do most of the support.

Why It Matters -
      Running becomes very technical when you are trying to decrease you time and all of these little mistakes take fractions of hundredths of a secound. The distance covered and the amount of strides taken calculates out in to a few secounds or to a few hundredths of a secounds, but this is usually the diffence between being first or being secound.

The Start:
      The start is one the most important thing when shorter sprints are concidered. Your start sets the tone of the race if you get a great start it will put you in a possition to win a race and run a fatser time. Much time must be spent on the start.

The Start -
      A human can only sprint for 4 seconds, that's it. The rest of the race is maintaining the speed that you gain in the first 4 seconds; this and this alone is why the start is so important in the shorter races. The other problem is if you do not get out of your blocks, during the start, correctly you will not reach full speed till after everyone else does. At the end of the race noone speeds up to pass someone the other person slows down more than you do.

Neromuscular System -
      Your muscles are not the only thing you should train to run faster. Your nerves make your body do every thing that can do so preparing your nerve to instinctively react to a situation place you at an advantage. The nerves of the legs must be conditioned so that they react instantly to the sound of the gun and the more you do this the less your mind has to tell them to go. In turn shortening the path way, which will increase reaction time. False starts come from this reaction because the body is used to reacting to a sharp sound so any sound resembling it will make you go. That is one of the best sigh that tell you that your nerves are tuned in.

Body Fat Percent:
      Running faster is the ability to cary your weight more effecently around the track Body Fat -
      Once you can carry you body weight efficently there are two options. The first is increase strength, which should always occur, and second decrease body fat percent. The lose of body fat allows the body to reduce its weight and, when done properly, keep existing strength. The object is not to see how low you can get, listen to your body it has a predetermined set limit on how low it will go.

Weight Loss -
      Wrong Way - Losing weight by skipping a meal or not eating at all. Losing weight by fluid loss either not drinking much liquids or sweating it out by wearing extra cloths (garbage bag, plactic suit, etc.).

      Right Way - SLOWLY       Rapid weight loss cause problems like, loss of strength, loss of muscle mass, loss of vitamins and minerals, and loss of energy. Lack of water in the muscles causes cramping. How are you supposed to run at your peak when you have weakened your body trying to lose weight.

Best Way -
      The best way to lose weight is to alternate between normal eating and dieting, this way you will be able to keep the weight off. Remember you will have to eat less when you are out of season compare to when your in season. Try to lose weight during the off season so it will not effect you preformace as much. Remember you will lose weight during the actual season so if your not quite where you want to be do not worry you will be there before your season is over. Give your self plenty of time to lose the desired weight, I usually take 3 to 4 months to lose 10 lbs (4.54 kg.) The key is to retain or increase your present strength, so if you find your self losing strength you are dieting wrong or your not training regularly.

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